About us

Hillsite Hotel is located right next to the cable cars and the Stenna center – everything in the middle of Flims. We strive to provide the best service for our guests and to increase overall satisfaction, and we take feedback very seriously. Our membership club makes us special in the region and gives our members exclusive discounts and offers.

The hotel is running under the Hillsite Hotel name and with a new management since summer 2019. Previously, the hotel had a different name (Swisshotel Flims) and was run by a different management company. The management of Hillsite Hotel strives to provide the best service for its guests by being open and flexible.

Other than running the hotel, we also run Hillsite Sportsbar and Hillsite Restaurant. Everything is located in the same building. The sportsbar is serving everything from fresh beer to amazing cocktails. In the restaurant, you are able to get a taste of our fine pizzas.

We share the building with other companies as well. There is a sports store where you are able to buy and rent ski equipment during the winter. This makes it extremely easy for our guests to get all the required equipment during the winter. Furthermore, there is a real estate agent and a hairdresser.