As a tourist in the Flims, Laax and Falera region you are entitled to a large number of deals and discounts. All of our guests in the hotel will receive a Guest Card, valid throughout your stay. With this card, you unlock all the Guest Card reductions, which are essentially deals and discounts.

Are you looking for the winter deals and discounts for the area? Click here.

The Flims Guest Card

The summer Guest Card is given out to guests staying between May 1st and October 31st 2019. Discounts in the following categories are available: Excursions, transport, traffic, culture, educatoin, sport, wellness, health, gastronomy and merchandise.

Screenshot of the first page of the guest card discounts list for Flims summer season 2019.
Get a copy of the discounts list which is handed out together with the guest card in .pdf format here. Please note that this is not the card itself.

Hillsite Tip: Save money now

We have realized that many of our guests go to local attractions before checking in. This is in itself fine, however we recommend all of our guests to come to the hotel and pick up their Guest Card as soon as they arrive in Flims. You can even leave the bags at the reception while your room is getting ready for check-in.

For the average guest, there is potentially a lot of money to save. A family of two adults and two kids will save 24 CHF (Swiss Francs) by picking up their Guest Card provided by Hillsite Hotel before going to Lake Cauma. And Lake Cauma is most likely not the only thing you will see or experience in Flims.

Complete deals and discounts overview

We have collected more information than shown on the information card about all benefits. These will be listed in detail below.

2 Bonus Discounts for Hillsite Guests

We are happy that you have chosen Hillsite Hotel, the hotel right next to the cable cars and close to everything. If you haven’t booked yet, then press “Book a room” at the top of any page on our website.

As a thank you, we would like to offer all of our guests the following 2 exclusive discounts:

  1. 20% off everything in Hillsite Restaurant when showing your hotel room key card
  2. 50% off the first drink in Hillsite Sportsbar when showing your hotel room key card
Beautiful picture of Lake Cauma

Sport, wellness and health discounts

One of the most important categories on this list. Flims, Laax and Falera are filled with activities.

Lake Cresta

Save around 20% off a single entry ticket to Lake Cresta. The normal price is 7 CHF, and with the Guest Card you will get it for 5 CHF. Good to know: Credit cards are not accepted in the kiosk.

Wondering about how to get there? Read more

Lake Cauma

Save up to 60% off a single entry ticket to Lake Cauma. The normal price for adults is 15 CHF. You will get it for 6 CHF with the Guest Card. Go towards Stenna and turn left when you see Rudolf Alpine Fashion.

Lake Laax

Free entry to Lake Laax. The normal price is 5 CHF for adults and 2,5 CHF for children. An average family will save 15 CHF by using the card.

Blood Pressure

Want to get your blood pressure tested while on vacation? Don’t worry, it does not cost anything if you go to Coop Vitality. It is located in Stenna, a hundred meters away from our hotel.


If you want to do pilates in Flims, you can call +41 81 928 10 10 to book a lesson in Schweizerhof Flims. You get 10% discount, and it is every tuesday from 17:00 to 18:00.

Indoor and outdoor sports

Flims has a sports centre called Sportzentrum Prau la Selva. Keep going in the direction of Stenna from our hotel until you get out of Flims, then turn left.

Here you will get discounts on the following activites: ropes park, tennis, mini golf, skatepark, children’s playground, gym, solarium, shooting range, ice skating and a lot more. Discounts depend on the activity.

Find all information and prices by clicking checking Sport Zentrum’s website.

Hair-contour massage

If you book any service at Interfoiffure Gauch, you will get a free hair-contour massage with some essential oils. Call +41 81 911 11 71 for more information.

Golfing in Sagogn

Get 20% off a one-day green fee at Buna Vista Gold in Sagogon. Prices are different depending on which day you want to go there. For more information, click here.

Riding, trekking, trail riding, riding school

Sun Ranch will give you 10% off the above-mentioned services. It is necessary to book or announce in advance. Call +41 79 410 37 32 for more information.

Tandem flights

Want to go paragliding? Hillsite readers (and guests) can book our special offer for paragliding in Flims. Everyone else with a Guest Card in Flims can get 10% off at Flight School Swissfly in Trin-Mulin.


Claim a 15% discount on half-day and daay rafting tours at Swiss River Adventures in Ilanz. Call +41 81 936 01 04 for more information. Family tours on Wednesdays are not included in this discount. You can also not stack discounts.

You can also claim a 10% discount on half day rafting tours at Vorderrhein Wasserschraft in Illanz. Call +41 81 936 07 40 to find out more.


10% off canyoning Viamala near Thusis (each Thursday afternoon). Please note that the minimum is 14 years. Call +41 81 936 01 04 for more information. Not stackable with other discounts.


After being done with all the day time activities, it is time for some good food and drinks. Don’t forget that Hillsite guests will get exclusive discounts in Hillsite Sportsbar and Hillsite Restaurant found right at the hotel.

Hotel-Restaurant Fidazerhof

Get one free apéro called “Bündner Hochzeit” before any meal at lunch or later in the afternoon.

Hotel Adula (LA CLAV)

Your kids will get one free scoop of ice cream if anything is consumed at restaurant LA CLAV.

Hapimag Resort Flims

Craving something sweet? Order a cake or something sweet at Hapimag Resort Flims and get a free coffee (between 16:00 and 18:00).

Mountain Restaurant Foppa

Didn’t get enough sweet stuff at the other place? Don’t worry 🙂 Mountain Restaurant Foppa is offering 1 homemade pastry (Nussstange) for free. Only thing you have to do is consume a lunch meal.

Hotel Laaxerhof

Want a buffet at Saturday night? Hotel Laaxerhof has it, and they offer 10% off. Only thing is that you need to book in advance. Please call +41 81 920 82 00.

Bistro Kaufmannfrauen

On the way back from Lake Cauma? You will most likely walk past Bistro Kaufmannfrauen. If you are a couple travelling together, then this deal is perfect for you. Order 2 cups of coffee, and you will get a free “Dubler Mohrenkopf”.

Hotel Vorab

Sometimes you just get tired of pizza (but seriously, try the pizzas in Hillsite Restaurant) and pasta. What other options are there? Well, steakhouse! Go to Hotel Vorab’s steakhouse between Sunday and Thursday to get a free apéro drink.

Hotel Pension Casa Selva

Leaving on a Sunday? Swing by Hotel Pension Casa Selva to get a nice Sunday brunch. They will give you 10% off, if you are 4 people or more. Advance booking is required, call +41 81 635 17 75.

Hotel Posta Veglia

Order dinner and get a free apéro drink!

Hotel-Restaurant Chesa

A lot of people go to this place and don’t know that they will get a free apéro drink. It is required that you consume for at least 40 CHF. Deal is only valid Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 18:00 and not on bank holidays.

Ustria Parlatsch

Consume at least 30 CHF worth of food and get 10% off. Valid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18:00 and not on bank holidays.

Excursions, transport and traffic

Even though many people come to Flims by car, it can still be beneficial to use the deals and discounts in this category. Parking spaces are very limited in Flims and the area around it. Hillsite Hotel guests have parking available on premises (at a surcharge, lower than public parking).

Cable cars

Before using the cable cars, it is a good idea to check if we have some offers that include tickets to the cable cars. We regularly offer hotel packages with various tickets included. If you haven’t booked already, click “Book a Room” at the top of any page.

You will most likely use this discount, as this is one of the main attractions in Flims. The cable cars are located right next to our hotel (really, a 30 seconds walk!).

Adults: Get a one way ticket for the Nagens Shuttle and the charlift Flims-Foppa-Naraus for 26 CHF instead of 32 CHF. That’s a discount of almost 20%!

Young adults (13-17 years): Pay 18 CHF instead of 21 CHF for the above-mentioned ticket.

Children (6-12 years): Pay 9 CHF instead of 11 CHF for the above-mentioned ticket.

Shuttle bus

Take the Flims-Laax-Falera shuttle bus between Falera and Fidaz Waldrand. Please note that Fidaz-Bargis and postbusses are subject to a charge. It is important that you do not confuse this bus with for example bus 81 – which is also stopping right next to our hotel.

Shuttle bus

Take the Flims-Laax-Falera shuttle Alp Nagens and pay the following: Adults 8 CHF (instead of CHF 15, almost 50% off). Children (6-16 years) pay 4 CHF instead of 7,50 CHF.

Family pass

Now, this one is not clearly described on the information card and we were not sure what it included either. After looking around, we found out the following:

A family pass is also called a family ticket. It includes the following benefits:

  • Bargis shuttle family return ticket
  • One-day cable car family ticket
  • One family pass for mini-golf
  • Nagens shuttle family return ticket
  • Access to Children’s Festival Laax (20-21 July 2019)
  • Enjoy an included lunch at Restaurant Runchahöhe
  • A free Connbächli ship building kit
  • A pedal boat ride on Lake Cauma
  • A free day pass to rocksresort Park

The price for this pass is 155 CHF, and the total value is 281 CHF (so you save 126 CHF). You can purchase it between 25th of May to 20th of October 2019.

Please note that this ticket is not valid for 2 adults and 3 children under 16 years. You can only buy it with a Guest Card. Luckily, the place you can buy it is very close to our hotel. Go to the left when going out of our main entrance and you will reach the tourism office on the left side in no time!


Take on a guided hike with various topics. You can go on this hike between May and October. It costs 5 CHF instead of 25 CHF (80% discount). Contact the tourism office by calling +41 81 920 92 00.


Easy Taxi is offering 10% off taxi services, and if you spend at least 100 CHF, it will be 20% off. Call +41 81 530 33 33 to order.

Carriage ride

Take a carriage ride to Conn. You will get 10% off because you are a tourist! Call +41 911 12 31 to get more information.

Biking and paragliding tickets

Get 5% off one way tickets for biking and paragliding. You can only get the discount at the main ticket offices in the valleys.


Taxi is not enough? Order limousine services and get a 5% discount at Taxi Mario. Call +41 81 941 22 22 to order.

Culture and education

Now you have experienced Flims and the area around it, had some nice meals and want to have some more relaxed days. Time for some culture and education!

Das Gelbe Haus

Adults pay only 6 CHF instead of 8 CHF. Children under 17 years can enter for free. Disabled persons, pensionists and students only pay 5 CHF. This is a discount of 25%.

Rätisches Museum

Adults can enter for only 4 CHF instead of 6 CHF. All children under 16 years can enter for free.

Regional Museum, Illanz

Adults pay 6,80 CHF, and children pay 3,40 CHF. This is a discount of 15%.

Parc La Mutta (Guided tours)

Get 10% off guided tours in Parc La Mutta. Call the tourism office in Falera on +41 81 921 30 30.

Viamala gorge Thusis

Adults can enter for 4 CHF instead of 6 CHF. The discount for children is 1 CHF, which means they will pay 3 CHF instead of 4 CHF.

This place is open from 30th of March to 3rd of November 2019.

Fortress Museum Sperre Trin

Holders of a valid Guest Card get 10% off single entry tickets.


5% discount for tourists.


Now you have experienced Flims and are ready to go home. What is a vacation or trip without souveniers or merchandise? We got you covered with a list of discount and deals for this category as well.

While you are at it, don’t forget to pick up a Hillsite Hotel business card or flyer. Returning guests get exclusive discounts!

Meini Sport & Mode

Spend at least 250 CHF and get a Laax-Teddy or Falera-Teddy. These are worth around 25 CHF. Alternatively, you can get a box of 3 Callaway golfballs with the Meini logo.

Elektro Vincenz

You are probably not in Flims to buy large-scale equipment. However, Elektro Vincenz is offering a whopping 45% discount on all large-scale equipment (Miele not included).

Menzli Sport

Get 10% off on bike rental (e-bike or mountainbike).

CREST (Bakery)

Want to try something Flims-y? Try the Flimserbildli boxes at the CREST bakery and get a 5% discount. The bakery is literally across the street from our hotel.

Degiacomi Schuhmode

When buying a quality pair of shoes, you are likely to spend more than 100 CHF. Congratulations! This entitles you to get a free gift (terrycloth slippers).

Sport Beat

Get a free bike safety check, free test of golf clubs and a hiking boots treatment. Sport Beat is very close to our hotel.

Castle Geschenke & Delikatessen

5% off all In LAIN pinewood products in the shop.

Boutique Gabi

This store is offering 10% on everything they have. Only exception is already reduced goods.

Zoppi (Jewellery & Watches)

Simple. 10% discount on everything.

MAGGI (Stationery & Bookstore)

Also simple. 5% discount on everything.

Useful Information

This list is subject to change at any time, and you must always show the Guest Card and not the information card. The Guest Card contains your name, hotel name and date of arrival and departure.

Please note that the above-mentioned discounts are only applicable for the summer season of 2019. For winter, there will be other discounts.

If your hotel did not provide you with a guest card, then you should ask them for it. Hotels in Flims are able to provide you with a card. There might be different rules for holiday homes.

Would you like to offer exclusive discounts and deals to Hillsite Hotel guests? Contact us now.

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