We are very proud of our location, because we are around 50 meters away from the cable cars. On one side, there is the cable car going to Foppa, and other the other side, there is a cable car Arena Express 1 going towards Plaun. At the cable car station, there is a service station, information center, Legna Bar, Ella Bar and the entrance to the shopping center called Stenna.


In Stenna, which is no further than 50 meters away, you will be able to find a lot of different stores. There is a Coop (supermarket), Coop Vitality (pharmacy), 2 restaurants, general shops, 3 bars, wellness, fitness and a huge parking lot with over one thousand parking spots.

Right across the street (from our hotel), you will find Arena Bar and Kitchen, which are the closest alternatives (distance-wise) to our offerings. Arena Bar has a club downstairs where they have DJs and other artists.

By going in the direction of the start of the city, you will be able to find sports shops, fashion shops, souveniers, local specialties and a lot more. If you want to eat something, there are plenty of options. There is everything from Swiss classics to steakhouse and pizzeria. The postal office is also in that direction (450 meter), and there you will find the “Postautostation”, which is a bus terminal.

Just next to our hotel, you will find the bus stop “Flims Dorf, Bergbahnen”. You will need to take the bus to this stop, if are arriving by bus. From this bus stop, you can take the lines to all the important places in the area. Such as Chur and Laax. The bus stop is modern and waiting for the bus when it’s raining is not a problem. Our hotel guests are always welcome to wait for the bus in the reception.


Chur is around 20 kilometers away from Flims and it takes around 45 minutes to get there by bus. It is the capitol of the canton of Graubünden (Grisons). In Chur, you will find the biggest train station with departures to major cities such as Zürich, St. Moritz, St. Gallen, Frankfurt, Zermatt, Davos, Flensburg, etc. There are many restaurants and shops in Chur because of its size.

The Postautostation is just above the train station. Just take the escalator up and follow the yellow “Post Auto” signs in the train station. From this station, you can take bus number 81, which is going to Flims. Please note that there are two different busses with the number 81. If you take the one without the words “Direkt”, it will cover more stops in the way. If you would like to visit Tamins, then do not take the “Direkt” bus.


Fidaz is just next to Flims and is a small village with restaurants, attractions, the start of amazing hiking routes and access to the via ferrata Pinut. If you need climbing equipment, you will be able to find this in Flims. There are plenty of sports shops with both rental and buying options.


Laax is around 8-10 minutes away with bus. If you are a hotel guest, you will be able to take this ride for free with a guest card. We provide this card to all our hotel guests. Please note which bus you can take with the guest card, which is written on the overview provided with the guest card.

Laax is the most popular place with skiers and snowboarders in the freestyle scene. There are many fun park options, indoor freestyle halls, brand shops and a lot more! In the winter, you can also go to Laax via the ski slopes. This is because Flims, Laax and Falera are considered